WeCycle App

In collaboration with three other graduate students, I contributed to the design of the Wecycle app.  This app was designed to help individuals to monitor and facilitate their individual recycling behavior.  Wecycle does this by focusing on and influencing the following core areas related to recycling:

1.Knowledge: Increases the user's knowledge of what can be recycle, provides concrete examples of how recycling behavior positively impacts others, shows users how they can improve, and allows users to track their recycling behavior over time.

2.Habits: Makes recycling a normal part of a person’s routine by providing users cues to action after they purchase a recyclable item.

3.Norms: Normalizes recycling behavior so that individuals can see others in their local community that also recycle.

4.Barriers: Shows users areas near them where they can recycle items.

5.Motivation: Gives users rewards in the form of "recycle buddies" icons which represent individuals which also recycled that item.

NOTE:  The very talented Andrew Ku created the final graphic design and user interface for this app.

Team Members: Sybil Boone, Andrew Ku, and Shengjie Zhang


December 2014


University of Michigan, personal informatics course


Collaborator: Performed user research through interviews, participated in interaction design sessions, conducted usability testing of prototypes, storyboarded and filmed product demo video