FamCam App

In a class on Java programming, I learned basic Java skills and collaborated with classmates to program the "FamCam" app using Android Studio.

The FamCam app was created to connect geographically distant relatives with their children.  In particular, we are interested in connecting grandparents to their grandchildren.

What is FamCam all about?

Our project would connect geographically distant relatives with their children, whether that is their grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or their own children. Children, especially under the age of 5, love seeing photos of their loved ones and themselves, often taking their parents smartphones and tablets to look at recent photos (Any parent will tell you that, it’s almost impossible to take the phone/tablet away from them once they start looking at photos).

Our application would provide a portal for children to see recent pictures that have been sent from close relatives in a safe, secure environment. This would allow children to stay connected with their distant relatives.

Note: This project is an extension of a project concept created by Christina Pellerano for SI 582 Winter 2014.

Who are the user groups?

For the purpose of this project, we’ll be focusing our application on children up to the age of 5 and grandparents.

Why is it important?

Many grandparents are geographically distant from their grandchildren in the United States, restricting their opportunities for interacting with them. Our application places grandchildren and grandparents at the forefront, giving both groups a simple interface in which they can use to upload and view photos at any time in a safe, simple, and secure environment..

Who are the competitors?

Facebook: Grandparents can sign up Facebook pages and parents can post their child’s photos on Facebook pages for grandparents. Instagram: Parents can post their child’s pictures on Instagram and share with grandparents. Skype: Grandparents can participate in video chats with their grandchildren via Skype. Children entertainment Apps: Apps like “Elmo Calls,” which simulates the popular Sesame Street puppet speaking to children and other child-centered game apps.

Why is our idea better?

This application is more secure and private than applications like Facebook and Instagram because families would be restricted to connecting to each other. In addition, our application is the only child-centric program on its kind that provides a simplified interface that children can easily use to look at pictures and take pictures for their grandparents. By contrast, Instagram and Facebook are especially complicated for young children and older adults, leaving opportunities for accidental posts and security issues which are not present in our proposed app. Other child apps only focus on gaming rather than communication.

The java and XML code for our Android Studio project can be found on GitHub here: