Journey Maps

Journey maps are a way to condense a large amount of quantitative data into a touch-point ecosystem.  They help designers and developers understand what it's like to "walk a mile in their user's shoes" and see the touch-points where difficulties occur. Having a general approximation of what a user is thinking and feeling at each point in an interaction, and the touch-points where this occurs allows designers to modify or remove touch-points which are causing negative experiences, or create an entirely different experiences altogether. 

For this project, I collaborated with a product owner to create personas for the primary and secondary users of a labor and delivery software program.  Then we interviewed users in these persona categories and documented their experiences.  Bringing together these experiences, I created user journey maps, laying out the thoughts and emotions of the users at different touch-points.   

These maps were immensely helpful because they showed us were our software was failing, and negative touch-points, such as transcribing data from paper records or pulling data from multiple records, which could be eliminated by modifying how our software operates.