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"Eosinophilic esophagitis" or EoE is a disease which causes white blood cells, called "eosinophils," to collect in the esophagus when a person with the disease eats a food which they are allergic to. This collection of eosinophils can cause the person's esophagus to swell shut and food to become stuck in their throat. Frequently individuals with EoE have many food allergies, making nutrition and meal time challenging.

Working with a cross-disciplinary team of students from the University of Michigan studying health informatics, public health, and information science we collaborated to design a way to help children with EoE improve their lives. Although this solution eventually took the form of an app, we did not start with a solution in mind and instead allowed our research and design thinking guide our proposed solutions.

Project Goal: To help enrich the diets of children with EoE so that they can lead healthier, happier lives while supporting parents in providing for their well-being.

Team Members: Rachel Atwood, Kristina Halverson, Shruthi Reddy, and Wei Wang