UMSI Faculty Sliders


Here I created digital sliders which could be used on the University of Michigan School of Information website. The background for each image evokes the subject matter that each professor teaches.

Images are placed in the right third of the slider to preserve symmetrical balance in composition with the block of color occupying the left third of the slider. The color of the slider fill on the left is keyed to each individual’s shirt. Finholt, Chen, and Dong, are facing in a direction, which indicates movement, while Conway faces directly toward the camera and is static. Because the three individuals indicate direction, I faced them left to draw the reader’s attention to the text in the left third of the slider. All images were rescaled to have the same dimensions for each face. Brightness and contrast were also adjusted for consistent composition.

Image Credits:

“Yellow fire and wire rays laser light, tech energy fiber optic field in space.” : Copyright: whitedaisy Red binary: ID 33410027 © Thomas Lenne | HTML Codes in Blue: Copyright: Janaka Dharmasena Blue Money: Bling Cheese Entertainment: Bling cheese Entertainment: Blue Money: Photos of Individuals provided from class assignment folder.


February 2014


University of Michigan graphic design course


Graphic Designer