Delivering Success: Redesigning OB/GYN Nurse Software

For this project, I worked with a product owner, several analysts, and developers to redesign obstetrics/gynecology (OB/GYN) nurse staffing software.

Initially, I was tasked with providing guidance on making the user interface of existing OB/GYN software "more user friendly."  However, after stakeholder interviews, contextual inquiry, and preliminary usability tests of the existing software, it became apparent that the existing software was not meeting our users' needs.

Through a process of stakeholder interviews, contextual inquiry, affinity diagramming and collaborative design, I was able to guide the foundational research for this project so that we could quickly discover and define our user's needs and frustrations.  This allowed our team to rapidly move into a design/iteration phase of the project.  

Using a series of paper prototypes and interactive mock-ups we conducted usability tests and refined many different design ideas and patterns over a month and a half.  We continued this iterative agile process as portions of the software were released, adding further refinement to our designs and reducing the anticipated development time from nine months to four months.  

This agile UX research and design process provided a much stronger product which exceeded the expectations of our client in addition to reducing development time