Guerrilla UX Research @ CHI4Good: Rapid Card Sorting to Improve Information Architecture

CHI4Good is a day of service which occurs annually before the ACM SIG-CHI Conference.  During this day-long event, UX researchers, practitioners, and developers come together to donate their talents to a non-profit organization.

For the 2017 CHI4Good, I volunteered to work with the Out Boulder County group.  Out Boulder County educates, advocates, and provides services to Boulder County's Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) communities.  

Out Boulder County asked us to improve their website so that it was easier to navigate and find information about their programs.  They also wanted to find ways to improve the donations and human support which their organization received.

I worked with another UX researcher to improve the information architecture of the site, while several very talented UX researchers, developers and designers worked on improving the overall look, feel, and navigation of the site.  We did this through rapid, guerrilla UX research, employing card sorting, reverse-card sorts, expert classification of themes.

Our final deliverable was a new information hierarchy which could be used on the navigation menus of the site to improve the discovery of programs and resources on the site.  It also provided improved discoverability of features related to making donations to the organization.

From start to finish, this project took 8 hours with an interdisciplinary team of six.